Water Filter Bags

Material qualitative: polyester (PE) polypropylene (PP) nylon (MO),

Rachel: deep three-dimensional structure, 100% pure fiber filter material to form a three-dimensional, acupuncture way of three-dimensional depth, highly fleeciness twists and turns of the filter layer. Its characteristic is loose, high rate of fibrous tissue increased impurities, let the fiber materials is double closure mode, effectively remove solid and soft particles, namely the larger particles impurities interception in fiber surface, and tiny particles are caught in filtration material used in the deep, ensure no pressure and damaged due to high efficiency filtration, therefore, high temperature surface treatment, use instant sintering technology/pressure, and can effectively prevent the filtering liquid high-speed impact by fiber loss, which are caused by the pollution from condensated fiber, and avoid the traditional roller caused by excessive congestion with filter hole filter bag and shorten life, and differential pressure of small and do not affect velocity. Equipped with polypropylene, polyester, nylon cloth filter materials, filtration precision level 1-200 microns